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September 23, 2014

Farmington Road in Morning


The road is finally open, its pavement

Smooth and black, the orange barrels

Scattered far from my eyes.

The September air is cold in the Forest Park


Baptist Church parking lot as I walk up

The path to the bridge. Across the street,

Through the stainless fence, the sign is clear

on the concrete overpass north of OCC.


I can barely stand and stare, the

Vehicles on 696 like an army of drums

Beating constantly, the motion of the

Pavement rocking the bridge,


Never slowing down,

My eyes barely able to

Open, the cold sadness glaring

Across the road.


It is 8:30, 13 days and five hours

After she leapt, alone in the dark.

I cannot bare to imagine her last moments,

The awful emptiness of despair.


Why is the concrete wall so short?

Why wasn’t there a high fence

Across the street that could not be climbed,

That would stop a young girl


From scaling such height and valor

To face darkness and death? I stand

Still, waiting a minute for the

Breath of her spirit to shhh


In my ear, I’m here, I’m here,

I know now how many mourn

That I’m gone….I can see the sign

Where I fell and felt my last breath…


Rachael, We Love You Forever.

I wait for her aura but the morning is

So mournful, the cars on Farmington

Whispering something else,


No breath in my ear,

Just a faint prayer of

Rachael floating wherever

Her sisters’ dreams propel


Her shadow, down empty roads

Without cars, no pavement,

No sadness or cruelty,

Just floating, floating.

Rachael, We Love You Forever

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  1. Jayne permalink

    I drove under that overpass twice on September 15th, on my way to a piano lesson in Birmingham. I’m haunted by what happened, too, and it is not isolated, it’s everywhere. There have probably been 4 other teen suicides in the area that I’m aware of since Rachael, it’s epidemic. Is it the toxic culture, or is it the toxic environment? Or maybe a combination of both. It’s so frightening because anyone can be the next Rachael, and we don’t know how to stop it.

    God bless you and grant you peace.

  2. aggman permalink

    Thanks. I was not aware of the 4 teen suicides since. Yes, it may be a worse epidemic than ebola and something that too many of us witness.

  3. Jayne permalink

    I double checked, and I misspoke. All 4 were all around the same time, and Rachael is the most recent.

    Nobody should have to bury a child.

  4. Kathrine permalink

    My daughter, Abigail Rose, took her life in our Livonia home on May 31, 2014. The worst day of my life and I am forever changed and broken.

    • aggman permalink

      Kathrine, I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that the memories of your child will help eclipse the pain. I know it will take years and I also know there is virtually nothing anyone can say to ease your sorrows.

  5. Kelly Irvine permalink

    My son Lawrence John Peer 3 also committed suicide, at Heritage Park, in Farmington Hiils. His last day was April 12,2011. He is forever 25.
    We love and miss him.
    Love from his mother
    Kelly Irvine

    • aggman permalink

      I am so sorry. Truly heartbreaking and in my thoughts and prayers.

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