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FREE (for Rachel) April 13, 2017

April 13, 2017

Facebook says it’s your birthday

Not caring whether you know it or not.

Your face is shared as if you could see it

Yourself and be glad for all the wishes

From so many, all wishing

You were still here . Oh, how

You would laugh and celebrate

This day of becoming legal. You

Were too young to leave and we are too

Hurt to celebrate. The ache spreads

From family to friends and the only

Thought that eases grief

Is a vision of you without pain

In an orbit above our dreams,

In any form you want, free,

Flying  completely free.Rachel on couch

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One Comment
  1. Jayne MacDonald permalink

    Rachael Reynolds? I think of her every week while driving from Ann Arbor to Birmingham for a piano lesson; every time I go under Farmington Road.

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