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Support Great Causes in Israel

August 25, 2017


I was not aware of Shai Asher (Milton’s Gift), an Israeli charity that provides meaningful employment and career training for people with disabilities. I doubt if many Americans has heard of Jeremy’s Circle in Tel Aviv, an organization that supports children living with cancer, or Sulam L’Atid, a charitable organization in Jerusalem that helps impoverished Israeli high school students advance to higher education by giving them free tutorials along with economic support.


It is hard enough for Israel to survive amidst the incredible pressure from its Middle East neighbors, the European Union, and the United Nations. Imagine what it’s like for so many of its excellent charities to survive. Many American Jews would like to support Israel’s worthy charitable organizations but they don’t know most of them and do not have an easy way to contribute and get tax deductions. Until now.


Imagine supporting Israel, your way. You can now donate to any of dozens of outstanding Israeli charities when you sign up with Cause:Israel (


“Ever wish you could help shape Israel today and what it will be like in the future…without getting into political arguments on Facebook? We do too! So, we made a modern tzedakah box that lets you do exactly that!” That’s the tagline from the homepage of Cause:Israel, which was developed by Jewcer (, a nonprofit that helps organizations and individuals run crowdfunding campaigns. Jewcer charges fees for those campaigns which pay for all the operation of all their programs, including Cause:Israel. This is why they are able to make sure that more support gets to the Israeli organizations that need it.



Personalized Giving


Cause:Israel allows you to pick the organization you want your donation to go , and it only includes organizations in Israel that have been thoroughly vetted by known and respected, trusted organizations such as Midot The Good People Fund or The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles. It has developed a unique algorithm that takes into account your preferred causes and the history of your picks, and checks out what’s trending within the Cause:Israel community. Based on these factors, it chooses three organizations to send you every month. Then you pick the one that receives your tax deductible contribution.


You can click to see more than the top three nonprofits for that month and pick a different organization that speaks to your heart. You can also go into your preferences and change the types of causes you care about and then the system will recalculate the best picks for you. If you aren’t able to find an organization that you want to support, you can contact and recommend it.



Trusted Organizations and Taxes Made Easy


This is what makes this simple and effective: 100% of your donation is tax deductible. Cause:Israel does not take any fees and do not take any fees from donors. You will get a receipt after each donation is processed and one report and receipt at the end of the year for all your contributions, to receive your U.S. tax deduction. A small incentive for you, but a big impact for the causes in Israel you care about

It has been difficult to find out much about Israeli charities but now, there is one website that gives critical information and allows contributions at the same time. Finally, American Jews and non-Jews alike can donate to many vitally important charitable organizations, simply and easily.


Tikkun Olam was never as easy as it has become on the Internet and it’s even easier today because of So for anyone who deeply cares about the people of Israel and wants a simple way to support good Israeli charities, sign up today at Cause:Israel.


No matter how easy it is, it is still vitally important to keep trying to repair the world, one person, one donation, one gift of giving at a time.Cause Israel Diverse Hands

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